Glass Optimisation

At Jotika we recognise the ongoing need for businesses to reduce waste, maximise output and save money

Material Saving Optimisation – glass, acrylics, profile and spacer

Integration with major cutting machinery

Integration with glass marking technology (laser and ceramic)

Dynamic glass labels – colour symbols, flashes and key field highlights

Glass Optimisation Image

Shape Nesting

Integration with auto label printing

Flexible slot sorting methods

Product Description:

As such you need systems that can scrutinise and enhance the production process as a whole, from cutting through to completion.

Optimiser X is Gtrak 3 ERP’s optimisation module and has been customised to work in a number of different environments to get the best out of your raw materials and minimise wastage and maximise efficiency.

Gtraks OptimiserX offers optimisation of the following items:

  • Glass
  • Furnace bed
  • Spacer bars
  • Acrylics
  • Pleated blind material
  • PVB

Once the optimisation has been carried out, Optimiser X has been configured to fully integrate with leading machines such as glass cutting tables, loaders and system manufacturers including offcut management systems such as Hegla ReMaster, as well as downstream processing such as spacer saws, benders, and IG robot sealing lines and laser marking devices.

In addition to glass waste reduction, OptimiserX has been developed for “No-Offcut” glass optimisation, where work is filled automatically by bringing forward elements of unplanned work to help eliminate offcut generation and increase overall packing density. This method of optimisation has replaced the old style continuous optimisation, as it minimises waste, whilst keeping smaller batches for greater production flexibility. An added benefit is to reduce manual handling for storage and retrieval of offcuts. The internal reject tracking systems means rejects can be automatically reprocessed.

In conjunction with advice from Jotikas’ experienced consultants, migrating to Gtrak 3 ERP’s Optimiser X can have immediate and substantial benefits to your business. Not only will you notice material savings during the cutting stage, our consultants can help you identify how to batch more efficiently so you will also significantly reduce manufacturing time and costs.

Below are two graphs taken from two clients (references on request) after Jotika implemented its
OptimiserX software.

Glass Waste Levels Customer A

Glass waste levels for Customer A are reduced after glass optimisation installation within first month

There was a clear drop in gross waste per month, but even more importantly, this drop in gross waste was sustained for the long term, saving the business several thousands of pounds worth of glass per month.

Glass Waste Levels Customer B

Glass waste levels for Customer B are reduced after glass optimisation installation within first month

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“As a glass business owner, I know the value of easy to understand statistical information regarding customer preferences, order trends and base costs. Jotika software provides me with a treasure-trove of diagnostic information about every aspect of my business’ performance. Jotika is user-friendly saving me time and money.”

Andrew Kerr

Polytron Glass Australia

“We have been using Gtrak 3 for 18 years and every time we phone we get an answer straight away – I like that.”

Ian Short

Owner/Director at Morley Glass & Glazing Ltd

“Gtrak is a stable program and any problems that do crop up are dealt with by Jotikas’ support team. I must say out of all the suppliers we deal with, Jotika is at the top in terms of customer service.”

Simon Parczuk

IT Director at Starglaze Windows & Conservatory Ltd

At ESG we are constantly improving and adding even greater value to our customers buying experience week in week out. We need a dynamic software partner who can work with our evolving business needs. Jotika have supported us in realising this goal, by delivering bespoke software solutions from our concept to implementation. They are unique in being flexible and open minded in approach, working as a partner more than a supplier. They work well with our other machinery, software and IT suppliers to bring our ideas to life and more importantly improve efficiency for our business whilst enhancing our customer experience.

Scott Sinden

MD at ESG Group

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