Case Study

Essex Safety Glass Software and IT project

As one of the UK’s largest independent glass processors, Essex Safety Glass realise that investing in the very best infrastructure is key to maintaining service levels and product quality.

In order to create a software solution that would allow greater visibility and control across all areas of production, and a better flow of information through all departments in the company, a fully bespoke software package was required. ESG teamed up with software manufacturers Jotika, specialists in creating software packages for the glass industry.

The brief from ESG had a number of objectives:  Information needed to flow through the company faster, with more visibility to all parties, allowing our customer service team to keep customers better informed.  All orders needed to be planned and produced as quickly as possible to reduce customer lead times and minimise wastage during manufacturing, allowing us to give our customers the best value for money. In addition the software needed to have the capacity to handle the company’s future expansion without compromising performance.

The tailor made package is based on Jotika’s Gtrak 3 software platform integrated with ESG’s required applications. These include a 25 station bar code tracking system, allowing the progress and location of any order to be tracked within the factory. An office based monitoring station comprised of four 42” screens showing real time data on all of the production stations, allowing for precise capacity planning. While a new network of tablets have been installed on each work station giving the factory floor instant access to all order information.

The delivery management system incorporated Jotika’s interaction application, which allows the Jotika software to talk to external routing software and mapping apps including google maps.

“Jotika are an excellent company to deal with, fast and extremely flexible to deliver highly sophisticated software that makes a difference to our business.”

Scott Sinden – MD

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