Integrated Software Solutions for the Glass Industry

Gtrak 3 ERP is a complete and cost effective solution for the small to large user. It is an integrated solution enabling you to schedule, optimise, execute and track progress from quotation to delivery.

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Welcome to Jotika

Our Glass Software Solutions

Order Management

Designed to help you streamline your business from start – finish


Build customer relationships, track and drive sales


Quickly and easily create shapes and design technical detail

Glass Optimisation

Maximise output and minimise waste with OptimiserX

Production Management

Simple and effective tools to manage work flow from glass cutting to finished goods.

Delivery Management

Manage and schedule deliveries efficiently in a dedicated control panel

Stock Control

Maintain balanced supply chain, improve cash flow and minimise shortages.

Document Management

Simplify and automate the management of records and documentation.

Barcode Tracking

Supply and install a wide range of barcode tracking equipment

Dashboard & Reporting

Create and visualise insightful business data and reports

Georgian Bar Design

Fast design and assembly of georgian grills

Gtrak 3 ERP empowers owners to gain greater control and visibility over the business and offers a number of key benefits:


We offer control over the whole business, from prospecting, sales processing, optimisation, production control and monitoring, to delivery and business analysis. Gtrak 3 ERP consists of a number of different modules each offering functionality and tools to help you monitor and track progress through the various stages of your sales and manufacturing processes.


Each and every day, your business generates data, some may be trivial, some may be helpful and some may be invaluable. Jotika will work with you to help extract the useful and invaluable information behind your company’s people and manufacturing processes. Whether you access data through our software’s bespoke reports and customisable dashboards or choose to enlist one of our consultants we will use your data to enable you to clearly see and explain what is happening in your business and make decisions based on real information.

Our software allows you to use data to prioritise jobs and manage workflow, monitor performance and identify problems and opportunities as they arise.

In addition, Gtrak 3’s fast access to data empowers users to track orders in real-time and instantly locate orders that were archived years ago.


By using our dedicated glass software package, Jotika can help you make significant material savings. Our Optimiser X module helps you find the balance between achieving a good optimising yield with minimised waste and limited disruption to workflow, helping to save you time and money on the shop floor, to ensure your business and prices remain competitive.

Gtrak 3 ERP prides itself on its ability to streamline your administration functions. Users are only required to enter information once and the system is easily configurable and compatible with other systems.

Customer Care

At Jotika we recognise the importance of good customer care and know most of our customers feel the same, which is why our software has been uniquely designed to help you provide your customers with a great service. One of the most important things customers expect is on time and in full delivery and on the occasions where this doesn’t happen, customers expect to be kept informed with up to date information. Gtrak 3 ERP’s barcode tracking system is the perfect tool for the job, providing accurate information on a job throughout its entire manufacturing and delivery process. This knowledge assists management in pre-empting bottlenecks or problems within the manufacturing process, in turn helping to ensure orders are fulfilled on time and that customers can be provided with real-time information on orders and that less time is spent on resolving customer problems.


Like all businesses, Jotika understands the importance of turning a profit and acknowledges that there some practical tools to help along the way. By using Jotika’s CRM system you can focus on turning leads to sales.

Using Jotikas data analysis module you can analyse both profit and sales and managers can use the information to watch for trends in sales volume over time and identify market opportunities and areas where they could increase volume. Furthermore, the information can be used to help ensure managers set the right price. Rather than simply basing the price on costs or competitor benchmarks managers can assess customer value and also customer buying habits (weekly/monthly spend, average selling price) and set the price accordingly.

Jotikas’ consultants can also advise you on material saving techniques and waste analysis, helping your business to lower costs and increase profit. Which, when used in conjunction with data analysis, POP and stock control and more efficient batching strategies will significantly reduce manufacturing time and costs and drive profitability.