Case Study

Increased efficiency at Al Andalus

“Jotika listened in detail to the specific issues we had and created bespoke solutions. We are delighted with the end result which has increased control over production processes and improved the customer experience.”

The organisation

Formed in 1997, Al Andalus Glass Company is an established name in the Middle Eastern glass processing and trading markets.

The firm provides exceptional quality architectural glass at competitive prices.

In addition to a world-class production capability, their facilities in Riyadh and Jeddah house manages stock from major manufacturers in the Middle East, USA, Europe and Asia.

In conjunction with our overseas representation, Jotika worked with this major Middle Eastern client to increase business visibility and efficiency.

The aim

As a company running multiple factories and warehouse spaces, Al Andalus was keen to increase efficiency by connecting and integrating several of their internal operating systems.

The firm identified a need for greater visibility of sales, production and shipping processes.

Significant changes to infrastructure were therefore required.

The difference made

1: A centralised solution
Jotika specified and installed an integrated solution, which now allows Al Andalus to plan production and track activity, at each of their factories.

Jotika’s Optimiser X Material Optimiser was incorporated into the sales process, to estimate material usage and wastage instantly.

From estimation and proforma stage, a sales order is created and managed from optimisation, manufacture to shipping. Real-time order tracking and work station performance management is available at a click of a button. Allowing for management and operators to manage work and ensure the products are made and shipped to the customers satisfaction.

2: Improved dashboard functionality
Al Andalus now uses a Jotika dashboard which allows them to easily extract any specific glass and sales performance data.

Different elements of the business including IG, processing and trading, can now be accessed via a single screen.

Crucially, production rejects are now identified, logged and quicky resolved – something the firm was not previously able to do.

3: Bespoke additions
In addition to standard software solutions, Jotika created several bespoke elements to fit Al Andalus’s specific requirements.

These included a dedicated box packing system bringing together several previously disparate processes.

New boxes can now be created within the software, and address labels and scanning labels can be produced (with finished glass items then scanned into the box).

The benefits here include greater visibility of each process, with access to the number of boxes created, as well as which boxes have been loaded or worked on during a particular day.

Packing content lists can also be produced for a particular box and overall monitoring of each section is more intuitive.

The overall software package introduced by Jotika has streamlined activity and given clear analysis of outcomes.

It has also improved Al Andalus’s customer experience, delivering clear information relating to orders, dispatch and billing.

What they said

“As impressive as Jotika’s software undoubtedly is, what really sets them apart from their competitors is their flexibility. They listened in detail, to the specific issues we had within our operations, and then brought us bespoke solutions.

We are delighted with the end result which has increased control over the production process and improved our customer experience. This also delivered clear cost savings.”

Eng. Amir Abdullatif, Executive Director, Al Andalus Glass Company

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