Case Study

Perfect production workflow at Glasslines

“Without a Jotika ERP system to rely on, Glasslines would not be the processing powerhouse it is today.”

Name of organisation

Hamilton-based Glasslines in New Zealand has been producing glass for residential and commercial applications for over 30 years.

The challenge
Always seeking to innovate, improve efficiencies and go the extra mile in terms of customer care, in 2019 Glasslines commissioned a new, purpose-built, processing and distribution centre.

Driven by lean manufacturing principles, this new facility houses the most advanced glass processing equipment and state-of-the-art production software.

The difference made
Jotika was the tech partner that enabled Glasslines to set up at their new location and achieve a perfect production workflow.

The new integrated software from Jotika also gave the senior management team comprehensive production visibility (via Real-Time Barcode Tracking and Production Management Software).

Another win for Glasslines was the introduction of the Delivery Date Change Report. This now allows them to accurately track DIFOT and gives clear visibility on any issues that may occur within workflow, that could stop the organisation from meeting its ambitious target of 99% DIFOT.

A further benefit was the software’s ability to integrate automatic label printing on their Intermac cutting line. This takes out manual label application and also eliminates errors that may be caused by mislabelled glass. Glasslines now has a paperless factory where all glass is tracked with barcode scanning and managed on department specific PCs (this enables operators to view all work in progress, as well as what’s up and coming).

What they said

“The Jotika Gtrak software system has been a huge enabler for company growth.
From management to factory levels we are now able to see if we are hitting required workloads and achieving our ambitious goal of under 1% of Factory Wide External Rejects.

Jotika has, in particular, helped us gain greater insights into our production as a whole and enabled us to be calculated in our pursuit of future growth and expansion.”

Oscar Renton, Sales and Technical support at Glasslines

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